Surgeon, Monolake, Helm + more added to MUTEK Montreal 2017 Line-Up, Collaborations with London, Berlin, MX City and Barcelona Announced

Proud to be part of the official program marking Montréal’s 375th anniversaryMUTEK moves its dates to the end of the summer, August 22-27, and mobilizes its international connections to host four days of programming dedicated to the cultural metropoles of London, Mexico City, Barcelona and Berlin — exploring the contemporaneous and multi-disciplinary cultural and artistic links between Montréal and these global capitals.

This project offers an opening on the world, providing a seductive portal for visitors. The Society of the 375th Anniversary of Montréal appreciates this type of initiative, which demonstrates once again, that Montrealers value international perspectives and culture and are very much inspired by global connections.
— Alain Gignac, Director of the Celebrations of the 375th Anniversary of Montréal

Nestled in the heart of the emblematic Quartier des spectacles, the programs of this interconnected city-focused edition take place at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]Monument-National, Métropolis and on the free outdoor stage of the Esplanade de la Place des Arts.


New Names for MUTEK’s Expanded 18th Edition

Alexis Langevin-Tétrault — Interférences (String Network) (CA) / Anthony Child — Experimental Drone Set (UK) / Automatisme (CA) / Borchi (MX) / CECILIA aka BABI AUDI (CA) / Clip (BCN) / Deathprod (NO) / Demora (CA) / DeWalta & Shannon (DE+CA) / Driftmachine (DE) / EOP (CA) / EvilTapes (MX) / Filastine & Nova — Drapetomania (US/BCN+ID) / France Jobin (CA) / Fred P (US) / Helm (UK) / JMII (BCN) / Lao (MX) / Lucas Paris — AntiVolume (CA) / Maotik & Max Cooper (CA+UK)  / Max Cooper — Emergence (UK) / Maxime Corbeil-Perron — Imaginary Optics (CA) / Mexican Jihad (MX) / Monolake (DE) / Murcof (MX) / Myriam Bleau — Soft Revolvers (CA) / Oly (MX) / Omaar (MX) / Polar Inertia (FR) / Sau Poler (BCN) / Sensate Focus (UK) / Shiva Feshareki (UK) / Space Afrika (UK) / Sunny Graves (BCN) / Surgeon & Lady Starlight (UK+US) / Timbre (CA) / Upgrayedd Smurphy (MX) / Van Did (CA/MX) / Wooky& Alba G.  Corral (BCN)

The first peek at the festival’s schedule and trajectory of day by day events is now onlineMore names and activities will be announced soon. On May 16, the price of passes will increase and individual tickets go on sale.

Program Schedule:


Inter_Connect Montréal / London

A powerhouse of contemporary culture, a trendsetting metropolis and a constant source of forward thinking new music and art, London comes to MUTEK with the partnership of the British Council. Along with both an outdoor and indoor program of music and audiovisual performances, the festival will also host resident digital artists as part of an exchange with the BarbicanSomerset House Studios will be represented by several of their residents and will curate one of their signature Nocturnal City events, while other discursive activities led by Sound Diplomacy will investigate issues relevant to music cities such as London and Montréal.

In addition to the Wednesday programs already dedicated to London, British Internet radio sensation NTS ( will present a showcase mixing cutting edge UK artists with locals to be streamed live and recorded.

Alexis Langevin-Tétrault — Interférences (String Network) (MTL) / Graham Dunning (LDN) / Helm (NTS Showcase) (LDN) / Maotik & Max Cooper — Hyperform (MTL+LDN) / Max Cooper (LDN) / Myriam Bleau  Soft Revolvers (MTL) / Sculpture (LDN) / Shiva Feshareki (NTS Showcase) (LDN) / Space Afrika (NTS Showcase) (UK)


Inter_Connect Montréal / Ciudad de México

Leveraging MUTEK’s already considerable ties to Mexico’s capital, cultivated through 13 editions of MUTEK Mexico, the oldest capital city in the Americas and a modern, “alpha” global metropolis, CDMX is a hotbed of activity for contemporary art, music and food culture with an ascendant international profile. Presented with the support of the Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollothe Secretaria de Relaciones ExterioresConsulado General de México en Montréal and the Ministry of International Relations and La Francophonie of the Government of Québec, the activities representing Mexico City on Thursday will treat Montréal to the dynamism of this both ancient and young, super-city.

Borchi (CDMX) / Cecilia Aka Babi Audi (MTL) / EvilTapes (CDMX) / Lao (N.A.A.F.I) (CDMX) / Mexican Jihad (N.A.A.F.I) (CDMX) / Oly (N.A.A.F.I) (CDMX) / Omaar (N.A.A.F.I) (CDMX) / Upgrayedd Smurphy (CDMX) / Van Did (MTL/CDMX)


Inter_Connect Montréal / Barcelona

The capital city of Catalonia, Barcelona’s affinities with Montréal and Québec run deep — not just through 8 editions of MUTEK.ES, but through long standing socio-political bonds as well. With the support of Institut Ramon Llull and Barcelona City Council, the city’s mediterranean sensibilities in design, art and musical culture will reveal themselves in discursive activities with creators, and live performances throughout the day on Friday.

Clip (BCN) / Filastine & Nova (US/BCN+ID) / JMII (BCN) / Sau Poler (BCN) / Sunny Graves (BCN) / Wooky & Alba G. Corral (BCN)

Inter_Connect Montréal / Berlin

An international creative hub nourished by endless waves of artists and aspirants from all over the world, Berlin is a mecca of incessant creativity, technological innovation and provocative social, political and cultural activity. A place where club culture is recognized as high art, Berlin is represented musically by a mix of veterans and newcomers attracted by the city’s cosmopolitan effervescence, with support from the Goethe-Institut Montréal.

Africaine 808 (BLN) / Automatisme (MTL) / DeWalta & Shannon (BLN+CA) / Driftmachine (BLN) / Marie Davidson (MTL) / Robert Henke (BLN) / Monolake (BLN) / rRoxymore (FR/BLN) / Zip (BLN)


Current lineup below, with even more names to come:

Africaine 808 (DE) / Alexandre Burton & Julien Roy (artificiel) (CA) / Alexis Langevin-Tétrault (CA) / Anchorsong (JP) / Anthony Child (UK) / Aurora Halal (US) / Automatisme (CA) / Borchi (MX) / CECILIA aka BABI AUDI (CA) / Clip (BCN) / Daphni (CA) / Deathprod (NO) / Demora (CA) / Detroit Swindle (NL) / DeWalta & Shannon (DE+CA) / Driftmachine (DE) / EOP (CA) / EvilTapes (MX) / Filastine & Nova (US/BCN+ID) / Fis (NZ) / France Jobin (CA) / Fred P (US) / Graham Dunning (UK) / Harvey Sutherland (AU) / Helm (UK) / Herman Kolgen (CA) / JMII (BCN) / Kara-Lis Coverdale (CA) / Kuniyuki (JP) / Lao (MX) / Lucas Paris (CA) / Marie Davidson (CA) / Maotik & Max Cooper (CA+UK) / Max Cooper (UK) / Maxime Corbeil-Perron (CA) / Mexican Jihad (MX) / Michela Pelusio & Glenn Vervliet (IT+BE) / Monolake (DE) / Murcof (MX) / Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos (artificiel) (MX+CA) / Myriam Bleau (CA) / Nicola Cruz (EC) / Oly (MX) / Omaar (MX) / Polar Inertia (FR) / Robert Henke (DE) / rRoxymore (FR) / Sarah Davachi (CA) / Sau Poler (BCN) / Sculpture (UK) / Sensate Focus (UK) / Shiva Feshareki (UK) / Space Afrika (UK) / Sunny Graves (BCN) / Surgeon & Lady Starlight (UK+US) / Timbre (CA) / Upgrayedd Smurphy (MX) / Van Did (CA/MX) / Wooky & Alba G. Corral (BCN) / Zip (DE)


Audiovisual Creation Contest: The Next Era

MUTEK presents an international audiovisual creation contest for artists under 30 years old on the theme of the Anthropocene, the "Next Era". Participants are asked to produce an original audiovisual composition that may not exceed 3 minutes. The 5 finalists will be exhibited at the Centre for Sustainable Development and will receive prices from Roland, Moog Audio, Derivative, Ableton, and Mettle. Submissions close on June 2. See the details of the contest here.



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The Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary is a non-profit organization whose mission is to organize the celebrations and socioeconomic contributions that will mark Montréal’s 375th anniversary in 2017. With a focus on promoting Montréal expertise, it acts as a catalyst for local forces in carrying out its mandate: to mobilize the community, implement a funding strategy, rigorously manage public funds, develop quality programming and ensure the visibility of the celebrations.

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