Motormouthmedia is a full-service Los Angeles and Brooklyn-based boutique PR firm specializing in cutting-edge music, brand, event, and pop culture accounts. Motormouthmedia aims to be affordable and forward-thinking and has the juice to get our clients the media coverage they need. Clients span the musical spectrum in size and nature, but they all have one thing in common: goodness. We love to work across multiple genres and disciplines to stay sharp with all facets of the media.

     At the helm of Motormouthmedia is Judy Miller Silverman, who brings over 20 years of experience to the table as a music publicist. Miller-Silverman started Motormouthmedia in the late 1990’s after a stint at a major label, realizing she couldn’t do this job if she was’t working with clientele she believed in. The first thing we say when a project comes to us is: Do we like it? Can we represent this project with pride and accountability? The bands that Motormouthmedia works with consistently land on critics year-end best of lists and surprise and amaze us year after year. For a good number of our clients, such as Four Tet, Caribou, Animal Collective, Sharon Jones, Flying Lotus, and others we have been the ONLY PR the artists have ever had from the start.

     Even thought the media landscape has gone through drastic changes over the last decade, Motormouthmedia always stays in touch with the evolutions. We were one of the first independent PR firsts to go digital and paperless. The day we burned the file cabinet was a liberating day (ok, we didn’t burn it, we donated it) and we continue to seek ways to streamline the process and do our jobs better.

     Motormouthmedia handles clients from top to bottom, from blogs/online sites to national television and every large newspaper and entertainment magazine in the country. We've booked multitudes of national TV appearances over the years and consistently place high profile coverage on our artists.

     Motormouthmedia has represented an incredible roster of talent over the years- check our notable campaigns page and it will take you back to the early days of indie, electronic and indie hip-hop music. We were the first American independent PR firm to rep clients and labels such as Warp Records, Ninja Tune Records, Real World Records (Peter Gabriel’s label), Rephlex (Aphex Twin’s label), Planet Mu, Solesides and many more. We also have a long history of working with brands, events, and festivals and are the current year-round PR agency of record for Red Bull Music Academy.

     Motormouthmedia would not be what it is today without a team of incredible publicists past and present, many who have gone on to run label press and other amazing endeavors.