Saltland Shares "Light of Mercy" Video - Donating 100% of Bandcamp Sales to This Week

Saltland, cellist and activist Rebecca Foon, has shared a new video for “Light Of Mercy,” a standout from her new album A Common Truth. The video reflects the album’s themes of a changing planet, depicting a collage-like environment of rock and ice that slowly changes and becomes more intensely stark as the song progresses, eventually being engulfed by a deep red sky. It was directed by Brigitte Henry, and premiered this morning via PopMatters. The song is a perfect example of the incredible balance of beauty and melancholy that Foon employs throughout the album, which is out now on Constellation.

Photo Credit: Aylin Gungor

Photo Credit: Aylin Gungor

This week, to celebrate the week between Earth Day and the Climate March, Foon will be donating 100% of Bandcamp sales to, founded by environmentalist Bill McKibben. Foon is an accomplished climate activist, as a Co-Founder of Pathway To Paris and as a member of the Canadian cooperative consultancy Sustainability Solutions Group. Visit her Bandcamp page HERE.

Lapalux Announces New Album 'Ruinism' & Shares Song "Rotted Arp (feat. Louisahhh)" - Out June 30th Brainfeeder

Lapalux today announces he will release his third album, Ruinism, on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint on June 30th, 2017, and shares lead single “Rotted Arp (feat. Louisahhh)” along with an Album Preview Mix of new material from the forthcoming album. His previous LP, Lustmore (2015) was partially inspired by the concept of hypnagogia, a suspension of consciousness occurring between wakefulness and sleep. Throughout Ruinism the British producer takes this exploration further, journeying onward to the more ominous limbo space between life and death. In this liminal space where the finite and infinite intermingle, Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) sounds more at home than ever.

‘Ruinism’ is a made-up term I use to describe the way in which blended sound palettes and inspirations interact with one another to form this album. I would record synths and drum hits and re-sample, re-pitch, twist and blend the sound until it was ‘ruined’ and then salvage it again in an attempt to make something coherent.
— Lapalux on Ruinism
Photo Credit: Ozge Cone

Photo Credit: Ozge Cone

It sums up the whole idea of this record… having Louisahhh’s vocals made me think of this track as a much more meaningful piece and helped me push it further and further into a developed abstract dance track.
— Lapalux on "Rotted Arp"

Lapalux - Ruinism
[June 30, 2017 - Brainfeeder]

1. Reverence
2. Data Demon (feat. GABI)
3. Petty Passion
4. Rotted Arp (feat. Louisahhh)
5. Falling Down (feat. JFDR)
6. Displacer
7. 4EVA (feat Talvi)
8. Essex is Burning
9. Flickering (feat. JFDR)
10. Running To Evaporate
11. Phase Violet
12. Tessellate

ROSTAM Releases New Song "Gwan", Watch Video Now, On Tour This May

We are pleased to share “Gwan,” a brand new song and video from ROSTAM. We can also announce that “Gwan” is not a stand-alone single but part of a full length album, coming soon.

I’ve had experiences where my life will try to tell me something in a dream—and sometimes it’s something I’m not ready to hear. So I think maybe this song is about trying to listen to what your subconscious mind is trying to say to you.
— Rostam on “Gwan”


5-02 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club ≈ 

5-03 - NYC - Bowery Ballroom ≈

5-06 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer ≈ 

5-07 - Providence, RI - Fete Music Hall ^

5-08 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair ^

6-12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever 

6-14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent


≈ w/ Deradoorian

^ w/ Nat Baldwin

Forest Swords Shares New Video, Announces EU & NA Fall Tour Dates, New Album out Next Week On Ninja Tune

Forest Swords, aka Merseyside producer Matthew Barnes, returns with “Panic,” the third track to be lifted from forthcoming album Compassion, out May 5th via Ninja Tune, and announces headlining fall European and North American live tour dates.

The track journeys between a rumbling cello loop, chiming bells and clattering beat, pulling in a reworked northern soul sample for the track’s ecstatic hook. It is accompanied by a video directed by Barnes and AV collaborator Sam Wiehl, produced by Barnes' new experimental creative studio Dense Truth.

Most of the tracks on Compassion were started in quite a heavy place but all managed to move towards the light the longer I worked on them. ‘Panic’ is the point where tension and stress boils over into a sort of euphoria.
— Matthew Barnes on 'Panic'

NA Fall Tour Dates

Nov 14: Good Room - NYC, US

Nov 15: Lincoln Hall - Chicago, US

Nov 18: Echo - Los Angeles, US


EU Fall Tour Dates

Sept 21: Atlas - Aarhus, Denmark

Sept 22: Jazzhouse - Copenhagen, Denmark

Sept 23: Sodra Teatern -Stockholm, Sweden

Sept 26: Berghain -Berlin, Germany

Sept 27: UT Connewitz -Leipzig, Germany

Sept 28: Meet Factory - Prague, Czech

Sept 29: Waves - Vienna, Austria

Sept 30: Dürer Kert - Budapest, Hungary

Oct 02: Drugstore - Belgrade, Serbia

Oct 03: Mocvara - Zagreb, Croatia

Oct 04: Kino Siska - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Oct 06: Locomotiv - Bologna, Italy

Oct 07: FAB - Prato, Italy

Oct 08: Lanificio 25 - Naples, Italy

Oct 10: Dachstock - Bern, Switzerland

Oct 11: Rote Fabrik - Zurich, Switzerland

Oct 12: Uebel & Gefährlich - Hamburg, Germany

Oct 13: Bitterzoet - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oct 14: Badaboum - Paris, France

Oct 16: The Lantern - Bristol, UK

Oct 18: Village Underground - London, UK

Oct 19: The Haunt - Brighton, UK

Oct 20: Headrow House - Leeds, UK

Oct 21: Gorilla - Manchester, UK

Oct 25: Teatr Warsawy - Warsaw, Poland

Oct 27: Six Dogs - Athens, Greece

Oct 28: Salon ISKV - Istanbul, Turkey

Nov 29: GNRation - Braga, Portugal

Nov 30: ZDB - Lisbon, Portugal

Dec 01: Caracol - Madrid, Spain

VDSQ Announces New Albums of 21st Century Guitar by Mark McGuire, Chuck Johnson, and Anthony Pasquarosa

VDSQ, the LA-based label specializing in music by innovative guitarists, has announced three new releases out June 2nd: Ideas of Beginnings by Mark McGuire, Balsams by Chuck Johnson, and Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione by Anthony Pasquarosa. While all share a common influence of American Primitivism, they approach the style from drastically different angles, each moving away from any sort of traditional notion of the genre towards expansive horizons. From the cosmic melodicism of McGuire’s acoustic meditations to the deep ambience of Johnson’s pedal steel and Pasquarosa’s imagined spaghetti Western soundtrack, these albums brilliantly build engrossing sound-worlds within the seemingly endless palate of 21st Century Guitar.

All albums are available for pre-order:

Mark McGuire reminds us why he is among the most beloved guitarists of our new age. McGuire returns to VDSQ with a beautiful album of fractal introspection, a succinct collection of deeply melodic and emotive themes. Ideas of Beginnings is a direct statement of modern guitar, running the gamut from brightly focused acoustic compositions to late night electricvapor trails. Ideas of Beginnings is another highlight from this iconic 21st Century guitarist.

Mark McGuire first came to national prominence as one third of legendary drone/psychedelic collective Emeralds and quickly ignited a new movement of New Age transcendence in American underground music. In 2009 Mark released his first solo album, VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 2 to wide acclaim. Since then, Mark has released albums on Editions Mego, Dead Oceans and toured the world several times. Having reached a status as a contemporary guitar legend its with great joy we find his return to VDSQ in 2017 with Ideas of Beginnings.

Mark McGuire – Ideas of Beginnings

(June 2nd, VDSQ)

1.    Beginner

2.    The Girls

3.    Skipping Stones

4.    Smile From Up North

5.    Late Summer Early Evening

6.    The Clock Strikes With Soft Rain

7.    Serpent Mount Coyote Song

8.    To Continue

9.    Beginning Of Winter

10. By The Light Of The Freezing Pond

11.  Eleven Sevens

Chuck Johnson’s pedal steel guitar debut delivers a group of pieces for ambient meditation.  Recorded in a single two-week session during late 2015, and subsequently arranged/constructed/treated in the studio in spring of 2016, Balsams is awash in layers of tonal perfection. The album constantly evolves while maintaining a unified approach across both sides. Balsams is a record that lives outside genre and time, one that continues to develop with each successive deep listen. A unique expansion in the VDSQ catalog, Balsams is an album created in the hopes of providing solace and regenerative energies for many years to come.

Chuck Johnson has released several instrumental guitar LPs over the last five years on labels like Three Lobed and Trouble in Mind, easily claiming the respect and admiration of the solo guitar community. Rather than focus solely on American Primitive, Johnson’s wide palate, used often for his soundtrack work, is on full display on Balsams, an LP owing more to Eno/Budd than Fahey or Basho. A consummate musician at the height of his powers, Chuck Johnson delivers perhaps his most unique and enjoyable work to date with this pedal steel perfection. Fans of drone, minimalism and modern composition take note.

Chuck Johnson – Balsams

(June 2nd – VDSQ)


1.    Calamus

2.    Riga Black

3.    Moonstone

4.    Eye On The Sparrow

5.    Labradorite Eye

6.    Brahmi

Anthony Pasquarosa focuses the third eye back to 1910 to conjure a lysergic spaghetti Western experience. Expect to be transported to another realm where gunshots, galloping horses and psychedelic gunslingers mark the terrain. Pasquarosa reveals himself to be a master stylist and his third full length for VDSQ shows the widescreen breadth of his cinematic vision. Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione is expansively packaged with hand drawn artwork from the guitarist himself. Western’s have never sounded like this.

A Western Massachussettes musical alchemist, Anthony Pasquarosa was first introduced to wider audiences in 2014 with his solo guitar raga, VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 7. A well respected member of the hardcore scene Pasquarosa played in nihilistic-charged bands such as SQRM, Aerosols and Viper. Lately he has focused on more psychedelic oriented projects such as Crystalline Roses, World Domination and Glue Bag, all having release LPs in recent years. In 2015 Pasquarosa released the Morning Meditations LP on VDSQ to wide acclaim, a transcendental minimalmasterwork with water sounds playing throughout the whole album. In 2017, Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione cements his status as one of today’s great modern guitar players, a master of infinite styles.

Anthony Pasquarosa – Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione

(June 2nd, VDSQ)


1.    Godforsaken Country (Sequence 1)

2.    Run For Life, Death Is Near (Sequence 1)

3.    Upon Nebraska Braries

4.    Godforsaken Country (Sequence 2)

5.    With Knives, Guns, and Revolvers

6.    Godforsaken Country (Sequence 3)

7.    What Makes A Man

8.    Run For Life, Death Is Near (Sequence 2)

9.    Run For Life, Death Is Near (Sequence 3)

10. The Robbing Of The Northfield Bank

11. Godforsaken Country (Sequence 4, End Credits)