Juan Maclean, Juliana Huxtable, Jellybean Benitez & more play Boiler Room This Thursday at House of Yes for Let NYC Dance

This Thursday, May 11th, Boiler Room is teaming up with the Dance Liberation Network to produce an event at Brooklyn’s House of Yes to raise awareness for Let NYC Dance, a campaign to help repeal the archaic cabaret laws still in effect in NYC. The event, which will be live streamed via Boiler Room’s channels, aims to drive attention to the campaign and encourage people to sign the petition pushing for repeal of the law.

Musically, the night will unify a broad range of DJs/performers to illustrate the diversity of NYC's sound, spanning the range of generations of music and people who have been affected by this law. Each DJ will celebrate a different generation of NYC sound, grounding the event in a historical and educational context. Dancing is part of the fabric of NYC and they want to highlight the absurdity it being illegal to do so.  


1960's Jonathan Toubin

1970s Mobile Mondays DJs

1980's Jellybean Benitez

1990's Anané Vega

2000's Juan Maclean

2010's Juliana Huxtable

+ Special performance by LiteFeet Nation


Event Details:

House Of Yes

2 Wyckoff Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11237

Thursday, May 11th

Doors 10pm // Broadcast 11pm

More info on NYC Cabaret Law:

Since 1926 it has been illegal to dance in NYC without a Cabaret License- a nearly unobtainable license that is far out of reach for bars and clubs that cater to everyday New Yorkers. 

Originally deployed as a law to control black jazz clubs in Harlem, the Cabaret law has gone through waves of enforcement, notably during the Giuliani years when it was used as a tool to shut down over 70 venues “violating” cabaret law- the vast majority of which served LGBT communities. Let NYC Dance x Boiler Room aims to mobilize the community around repealing this law, bringing together NYC DJs each representing a different decade in music, illustrating the wealth of music NYC has contributed globally. The time is now to Let NYC Dance!